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The Benefits of CBD For Pets and Horses

Our pets are like family, so why wouldn’t we want to make sure they’re just as healthy and happy as we are? CBD has many benefits not only for humans but for our furry friends too! CBD can be a natural solution for pets that might suffer from anxiety, seizures, and inflammation. Help ease these ailments with our CBD Dog Treats, our bacon flavored Pet CBD Oil, or even opt for our Horse CBD Topical bomb for the equine in your life.

CBD does not have the THC component in Marijuana that causes a euphoric or “high” sensation, and side effects range from fatigue or changes in appetite to diarrhea, so make sure you start your pet on a small dose and work your way up.  

The Benefits of CBD for Pets and Horses

  • Our equine cooling CBD Salve, and our CBD Liniment spray can be a great addition to your groom bag to use for everyday aches or muscle soreness after a long ride or for older horses with arthritis and inflammation.
  • Our CBD Dog Treats are a great way to help with separation anxiety or even dogs that might get nervous in car rides or on a plane. They come in 120mg and 250mg bags.
  • Bacon Flavored CBD Oil is great for both cats and dogs alike and can be easily administered with the tincture by mouth or mixed with food.

All of our ingredients are grown and sourced in the US, so you never have to worry about toxic chemicals or cheap ingredients like some other Pet CBD products. You should always consult with your veterinarian before use, but we are also here to answer any of your questions! Head on over to our contact page or give us a call and we’re happy to help.