CBD Hemp Beard Oil


A large 2oz bottle! Our Hemp CBD beard oil is made with the finest 7 oils. Glides on smoothly, leaving your beard soft and manageable. All while nourishing your skin and leaving it feeling moisturized.

All oils are sourced from USA manufacturers and blended in California.



A lightweight, non greasy conditioner that glides on easily with no residue buildup. Your beard will be smooth, lustrous, and manageable

Mild Scent
A very mild scent that isn’t over powering to you or anyone snuggling next to you. Our lightly scented beard oil: Scents & Notes: Earthy, Exotic, Musk, Romantic, Spice, Woodsy

Lightweight & Not Greasy
Oil Blend our lab formulated is lightweight, not greasy, glides on easily with no residue buildup. Beards are left smooth, lustrous, and manageable; skin moisturized and conditioned.

Tremendous Benefits to Both Hair and Skin
Every one of these oils is well known to provide tremendous benefits to both Hair and Skin. More importantly, each was sourced from high-quality, reliable suppliers in the USA to ensure you are using a Premium product.

Great Performance Every Time
Devils Brew has been tested out in the real world to ensure its performance. Every man that tried it loved the way it quickly absorbed without feeling heavy or greasy. They were amazed that just a few drops was enough to moisturize your entire beard. They were even more impressed with the moisturizing benefits the skin under their beards received.

Excels at Maintaining Beards & Underlying Skin
It excels at maintaining existing beards and their underlying skin. Many men are not aware that the skin under your beard can become dry and itchy without proper care. Our Devils Brew Beard Oil is lighter and easily absorbed by your skin, it will not clog your pores like many other oils can.

This CBD moisturizing beard oil blend includes 7 natural ingredients that also help boost beard growth:

  1. Argan Oil
    Its natural properties are a tremendous boon for a those plagued by dandruff and irritation. Argan oil is rich in natural phenols that are beneficial to hair follicles. Not only does it promote new hair growth, but also will help you grow healthy, thick looking hair.
  2. Jojoba Oil
    Jojoba is rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish hair, including vitamin C, B vitamins, vitamin E, copper, and zinc. Because it strengthens hair, it is also can prevent hair loss and promote hair thickness.
  3. Castor Oil
    An age-old remedy long used in traditional medicine, castor oil is also said to moisturize the skin, ease dandruff, and leave your hair smooth and shiny. … it’s purported to enhance the health of the hair follicles and, in turn, promote hair growth.
  4. Almond Oil
    This oil contains all kinds of healthy ingredients for hair like Omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids, vitamin E, and magnesium. Using almond oil nourishes and strengthens your hair, and is optimal for treating hair loss and damaged hair.
  5. Grapeseed Oil
    A great choice for facial hair care because it contains a lot of vitamin E, which is necessary for hair growth, and health. The extensive proteins, minerals, and the linoleic acid it contains also offer lots of benefits for hair.
  6. Olive Oil
    Since olive oil is a very good source of antioxidants, it’s best to promote skin health. Massaging hair and skin with olive oil improves blood flow to the hair follicles and the follicles are in turn stimulated to grow thicker strands of hair, thereby doubling hair growth.
  7. Hemp Oil
    Hemp contains natural anti-inflammatory properties, which have been shown to ease redness, itching, and discomfort. 30mg in each bottle.

Directions for use:
Apply a few drops to hands and work into beard, reaching all the way to the skin. (For topical use only.)


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