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The Benefits Of CBD Cream For Pain Relief

Pain comes in many different forms. For some people, it is chronic pain that may be a symptom of arthritis or other types of musculoskeletal conditions. For others, pain is a result of working out or simply working, with repetitive movements or heavy lifting the source of the problem.

Regardless of the type of joint or muscle pain experienced, finding the right product to relieve the pain is always a priority. NSAIDs, over-the-counter pain killers, and even prescription pain medications often provide limited relief, and they also typically include a wide range of possible side effects.

CBD cream is typically an effective way to manage most types of discomfort. This is a cream or a balm that is rubbed over the area, resulting in reduced discomfort without any effects on the rest of the body.

How They Work

CBD creams for pain work best when they are a broad spectrum product. This means the CBD used in the product includes the full range of plant components. As CBD must contain less than 0.3% THC, there is no psychoactive or “high” associated with the use of any CBD products. These creams do contain all of the hemp plant’s phytocannabinoids, which work to help with inflammation within joints and tissue.

In addition to helping with inflammation, CBD is also linked to activating specific receptors in your brain. These receptors take up specific chemicals in the brain that are associated with the “feel good” chemicals in your body. While CBD does not specifically treat the underlying cause of the pain, it reduces the way receptors read the nervous system, providing relief. Sometimes even with chronic types of pain.