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Picture of me and my pop at the lake from April 2020. He was the inspiration for the creation of our products to help him with his Rheumatoid Arthritis. He was also my top reviewer.

I am truly passionate about receiving genuine, honest reviews of our products. I love nothing more than waking up and reading reviews my customers have left of our products.

My customers insights and experiences are invaluable to me. I love hearing how our products have had a positive impacts on your life but also provide essential feedback that fuels my commitment to continuous improvement of our products. I encourage you to share your thoughts with me and the broader community.

Some of our top sellers were developed because a customer emailed me and had a suggestion or a need for it. So every email and review is taken seriously.

To leave a review, simply log in to the website, navigate to the product page of the item you’ve purchased, and add your thoughts in the reviews section. Your perspective is crucial in helping new customers make an informed decision.

You can also just email me your review. I will make sure it’s added to the correct product.

I thank you in advance. Your contribution is not just a review; it helps keep us motivated and inspired.

Steve Gregoire
Owner and the guy who usually answers the phone

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