Our Story

Steven Gregoire - Quiet Monk CBD Owner
Myself teaching class at our studio in Cathedral City California.

Hello my name is Steven Gregoire and I’m the owner of Quiet Monk CBD.

I’m a life long martial arts practitioner and competitor. Most evenings you can find me and my son teaching martial arts at one of our studios. We enjoy making a positive impact in other peoples lives and feel we can also do this with the benefits of CBD. No it wont get you high – as martial artists we do not believe in selling products that do that. We live an active and healthy lifestyle.

We have been using CBD products for many years to help with recovery from the punishment we put our bodies through and to help with the focus during competitions. After a training session we will use it directly on our skin to help with the sore muscles and inflammation. Even though we use it for ourselves it wasn’t until this day that it changed how I viewed CBD.

My Dads Story

I was talking to my mom one day, and she was telling me my father, who has terrible rheumatoid arthritis so bad it has deformed his hands, was in constant pain and was going to tell the the doctor at their next visit that the pain medications wasn’t helping ad they needed to increase his dosage. Sure enough when I saw my dad he was sitting in his chair with his arms crossed and his hands under his armpits which is the only thing he can do to try and relieve some of the pain in his hands. I told her about that I was taking CBD for my knee that I twisted in a sparring session and I suggested we try rubbing some CBD oil on his hands. She said isn’t that the stuff that makes you high? I said no mom and chuckled and then explained how this CBD is from the hemp plant and wont get dad high. It will only get people high if the CBD is made from the marijuana plant. I’m not sure if she completely understood but being her son she trusted me.

Steven Gregoire - Quiet Monk CBD Owner
My dad and I out and about causing trouble.

My mom rubbed some on his hands across his knuckles and then I went to go finish some errands I had to do. Honestly I didn’t know if it would help, but I knew it couldn’t make it any worse and we had nothing to lose.

I returned 3 hours later and my mom had a big smile on her face. She ran out to meet me and said his swelling went down and that he wasn’t holding his hands under his arms anymore.I went inside and sure enough, there was my dad with a more relaxed look on his face, his arms hanging naturally at his side!

Of course he is not cured from his rheumatoid arthritis and he still goes to the doctor for his monthly shots to keep the arthritis from getting worse but it took away the inflammation so he doesn’t have to increase his pain medicines (something my mom was very concerned about). She said he was on enough medicines and more made her nervous.

An interesting thing now is when my mom has pain in her hips she will rub some on her hip where it hurts and she says after about 30 minutes the pain goes away. This is very interesting to me because my mom is not a “hippie”. She is a straight laced conservative woman who grew up in the 50’s. But after seeing what it did for my dad she has become a believer in CBD and tells everyone she knows in her church groups about it.

Now with all this being said, my family and I love CBD but it is expensive. We thought about getting the cheaper stuff that was on the market but isn’t pure or it wasn’t tested or worse yet it was made in China. Many Chinese CBD products have pesticides in it. That wasn’t something I was comfortable with giving to my parents or consuming myself. Especially since I use both the drops and the topical solutions.

That’s when my son and I went on a mission to create our own brand of CBD. One that was pure with as few additives as possible and was affordable. After a lot of research we have come up with a line of CBD products that have meet those requirements. We call it Quiet Monk CBD. (Our training partners are thankful now too because they have an affordable source for CBD too)

Our products are are made from hemp that is sourced from USA Industrial Hemp Registered Farms that are 2018 Farm Bill Compliant.

We have gone though great lengths to manufacture and provide a quality product. When using our products your body will notice the difference.

We believe in the use of CBD and to help others who are new to CBD we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you do not like our products then send it back for a full refund.


We use a raw hemp extract in our products. It is what we feel that makes our product a little better than most. Other companies use an isolate while we do not. We don’t have our extract processed more than it needs to be. It provides all the lipids and plant goodness an extract can offer. When a customer uses our product they know it as close to the plant as they can get.

Other companies may also use Broad or Full Spectrum oil that is distilled using high heat and solvents which can result in losing the benefits of the Live Hemp Plant. We give our clients all of the Live Hemp Plant, not just what’s left after being super heated and subjected to solvents used in processing