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Is CBD Legal in South Carolina?

Can I buy CBD in South Carolina

South Carolina: A Quick Guide to CBD Laws

South Carolina is known for its BBQ, sunny beaches, and welcoming atmosphere. Can you use CBD there? Yes, but there are important rules to know.

In South Carolina, CBD oil is legal for both health and fun. But, it must have less than 0.3% THC (the part that makes you feel high). You can’t call CBD a food supplement, and it’s not allowed in food either.

Understanding CBD Laws in South Carolina

Three state laws define CBD’s legal status: SC S1035, SC H3559, and SC H3449.

Senate Bill 1035, from 2014, first allowed medical marijuana in some cases. It says:

  • Medical use of certain marijuana parts is okay – People with specific health issues can have and use CBD and similar products.
  • Products must meet THC and CBD rules – They should have under 0.9% THC and over 15% CBD.

Then, SC House Bill 3559 in 2017 started a program for studying hemp. It set up:

  • A clear definition of industrial hemp – Recognizing it as a farm crop.
  • Legal research on hemp – Universities can study how to grow and use hemp and its products.
  • Testing requirements for hemp – To make sure hemp isn’t mixed up with higher THC marijuana.

In 2019, House Bill 3449 updated hemp policies. It:

  • Introduced licenses – You need a license to grow or process hemp. There are rules and plans for those who break these rules.
  • Allowed more licenses – Existing hemp farmers could grow more, and new licenses were offered.

Is CBD Legal in South Carolina?

Yes, but remember:

  • Pick hemp-derived CBD – South Carolina says this is legal, but not marijuana-derived CBD. Also, delta-8 THC is not allowed. Stick to products with under 0.3% THC.
  • Understand the difference between hemp oil and CBD isolate – The state sees full-spectrum CBD as hemp extract. Pure CBD is legal but not in food.
  • Know about hemp oil in food – Full- and broad-spectrum CBD can be in food, but it can’t be labeled as CBD.

Buying CBD in South Carolina

You can buy CBD in South Carolina if it has under 0.3% THC. But, you can’t get food with added CBD or CBD as a supplement.

You can also buy CBD online. Online shops often have more types, like creams, oils, and gummies. But, make sure you buy from a trusted place. Look for retailers who prove their labels are right, like Quiet Monk CBD with its COA.

Can I Get CBD at a Dispensary?

Yes, dispensaries and other places sell CBD. You don’t need a special card, but if you have certain health issues, you might get a prescription for stronger THC products.

Legal Status of CBD in South Carolina

CBD oil is legal in South Carolina for both health and fun, but not in food. There’s no set age to buy CBD, but most places will ask you to be at least 18 or 21.

Laws can change, so if you’re buying CBD, keep up with the latest rules.

Legal Disclaimer

This info is just for learning. It’s not legal advice. Laws and info change, so it’s not guaranteed to be totally up-to-date or complete. Always check the latest sources for the most current info.