Can Pro Athletes Use CBD?

World Anti Doping Agency Removes CBD From Banned List

Professional athletes can now enjoy the benefits of CBD. The ban on cannabidiol use by sportsmen is lifted as from 1st January 2018. What does this mean for pro athletes?

The debate on the legalization and decriminalization of cannabis and products derived from the hemp plant rages on. What you probably do not know is that the compound cannabidiol is no longer in the list of WADA s banned substances for athletes.

This proves to be a major boost for sports personalities. They can now enjoy the myriad of benefits that CBD presents. Cannabidiol has more medical value than it can be used for recreational purposes.

Professional athletes can now use CBD to help with inflammation.

In a statement released to the public on the 29th of September, WADA states that cannabidiol is no longer banned as from 1st January 2018. Also, in the official statement, Tetrahydrocannabinol- THC, remains illegal for use by athletes.

Both compounds CBD and THC are derived from the hemp plant. They make up the over 100 cannabinoids known to exist in the plant. What sets them apart is that THC causes increased psychoactivity when used. It also causes the addiction associated with the cannabis plant. On the other hand, CBD is known to be harmless. It is not responsible for both psychoactivity and addiction.

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How is CBD beneficial to athletes?

Initially, sportsmen and women who used cannabidiol never wanted to show it in public.  This could bring potential lashing from USADA or WADA itself. The script of this story changed when Nate Diaz, UFC superstar, publicly vaped in his post-fight press conference.

Unfortunately for the CBD hero, he had lost the fight to the renowned Connor McGregor. It is known that WADA sent out a public warning to the fighter. Little did anyone know that Diaz was making a strong statement that sent ripples in the sports world.

Once asked why he was vaping, he gave potentially the coolest answer. “It’s CBD. It helps with the healing process and inflammation, stuff like that. So you want to get these for before and after the fights, training. It’ll make your life a better place,” Diaz said.

Just how much does the statement, CBD makes your life a better place mean for athletes?

Sports are intense activities. Sometimes they turn out to be painful experiences for those participating. A lot of muscle is used up which may lead to fatigue and muscle tension. Injuries also are major setbacks in an athlete’s career. Dislocations, bone breakages, and even muscle tears are rampant.

Sports like the UFC and NFL are more likely to have cases of injuries reported. This is due to there nature. What does CBD help in the body of a sportsperson?

After the sports events, the pain due to injury or fatigue is one thing no one would love to experience. CBD helps in combating pain quickly. During an interview, NFL footballer Eugene Monroe is quoted saying that using pills after fights slowly kills his body. He adds that CBD works better in that the pain goes away faster than traditional painkillers. Some of the more popular ways athletes use CBD are as drops or oils under the tongue or as a cream pain rub. Of course others like Nate Diaz will vape it.

CBD and Athletes

It is notable that from the interview, Diaz solely won the war on legalizing CBD for athletes. There are other notable names in the sports world who stood their ground, especially in the NFL.

Eugene Monroe made one of the bold steps by vouching for CBD legalization in 2015. He and  Ebenezer Ekuban played for the Baltimore Ravens. The duo emphasized how CBD benefited players medically.

Other NFL players who are deemed to be very influential in swaying the decision to lift the ban on CD for athletes include Jake Plummer, Jim McMahon, and Eben Britton. We here at Quiet Monk salute their efforts.

More About Working With CBD for Fitness and Athletics

What lifting the ban means for athletes using CBD

After the ban is lifted, it is inevitable that more and more athletes will be willing to try the medical benefits of CBD. However, there are things to note when planning to try your next dose of cannabidiol.

WADA advises athletes to carefully select the type of CBD to use. The compound is extracted or isolated from the hemp plant that contains THC. Various CBD processes result in different levels of purity. Before trying CBD get to know the right THC levels. Unscrupulous cannabis investors are always on the lookout for those who they can trick with a pure CBD marketing tag.

The legal threshold degree of THC content in medical CBD is 0.3%. For a substance to be banned by WADA, it has to fulfill two of the following three conditions

1.            Kill the sports spirit

2.            Enhance performance in the sport

3.            Is a potential health risk to the athlete

With little research or reports out there stating the levels of CBD that contravene these conditions, it is advisable for sports people to keep off THC  completely and take time in voting for the purest CBD.

Swayed On Lifting The Ban

Anecdotal evidence from the athletes on how CBD helps in countering pain, inflammation, injury healing, and trauma recovery go a long way in swaying the decision to lift the ban. More athletes are bound to enjoy the continued medical value of cannabidiol.