Extra Strength CBD Cream 4000mg


Most people do not need it this strong. Only order our 4000 mg if you have already tried the 1000 mg creams. Usually the 1000 mg is more than enough for most people.
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PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH – Rub in our rich pain cream formula and reap all the skin, muscle and joint loving benefits of this super powered ingredient.

MADE WITH ALL NATURAL HEMP – Unlike other products on the market, our CBD cream is made from organic hemp sourced from local farmers. Rest assured that no chemical toxin or agriculture by-product will touch your skin.

QUALITY MADE IN THE USA – All ingredients are sourced in the USA. You don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals getting mixed in like other cheap creams that are being manufactured out of the country. Everything is grown and sourced in the USA.

LIGHT LAVENDER SCENT – made with essential oils.

EXTRA RAW HEMP – Absolutely packed with raw hemp, be sure to rub it in completely, if not rubbed in it can sometimes stain light colored clothing.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply as needed. This is a very strong cream and is packed with raw hemp. It makes a very dark green cream and needs to be rubbed in completely or it may stain light clothing.


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