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2023 California Funds $20 Million in Cannabis Grants

California regulatory authorities have allocated approximately $20 million to 16 state universities for the purpose of conducting extensive scientific research on various cannabis-related matters and compounds. These investigations encompass a wide range of areas, such as mental health, the exploration of delta-8 and delta-10 compounds, and what is being touted as the pioneering examination of marijuana legacy genetics.

The selection of recipients was carried out from a pool of 98 proposals, with emphasis placed on robust methodologies, potential influence on policy, the advancement of public knowledge, and the capacity to develop fundamental research. These criteria were detailed in a news release.

A number of universities were fortunate enough to receive multiple awards.

Noteworthy recipients include:

  • UCLA, which secured $9.5 million to delve into intoxication levels associated with synthetic and semi-synthetic cannabinoids, the impacts of smoking concentrates and flower, interactions between cannabis and CBD, as well as medical marijuana usage.
  • The University of California San Diego, which obtained $917,000 for a four-year undertaking dedicated to examining the effects of cannabinoids on cognitive, psychiatric, and neural outcomes among young adults. Additionally, they will conduct a separate study concerning cannabis use and its impact on mental health among adolescents.
  • Cal Poly Humboldt, which was granted $2.7 million to undertake an identification, documentation, and preservation project aimed at capturing the history, value, and diversity inherent in California’s rural legacy cannabis genetics and the corresponding communities.
  • UC Irvine, which received $2 million to conduct research on the acute effects of high THC levels on mood, cognition, and abuse potential. Rasha Salama, the chief deputy director at the state’s Department of Cannabis Control, expressed the department’s aspirations for these studies, stating that they aim to advance the body of scientific research, further our comprehension of cannabis, and contribute to the ongoing development and refinement of the legal framework.

Salama added, “These studies will yield valuable insights into topics of significant interest to California’s consumers, businesses, and policy makers.”

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