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Best Vegan CBD Gummies

Gummies are an easy and delicious way to consume CBD. Not only are they delicious, but their anti-anxiety and relaxation-inducing effects can help soothe anxiety and relax muscles. In addition, their unique combination of terpenes and flavonoids contribute to keeping our bodies healthy.

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Gelatin is an integral component of most candies and gum. It transforms liquid fruit juice into a creamy Jell-O-esque substance when exposed to heat or acidity, as well as being responsible for solidifying soups in the refrigerator overnight. Unfortunately, gelatin comes from animal collagen (from skin, bones, ligaments of pigs or cows) so is inedible by vegans or vegetarians.

For vegan gummies, use agar powder instead of gelatin when mixing the juice mixture. Agar comes from algae and serves as an earth-friendly replacement to gelatin.

Once mixed with your chosen CBD tincture, pour the gummy mix into silicone gummy molds to set in the refrigerator before taking them out and enjoying! When set, remove from molds and enjoy!


Carrageenan, an alternative to gelatin, is essential in creating vegan gummies. A plant-based substance found in non-dairy milk, frozen treats and candies – this odorless and flavorless alternative makes for an excellent replacement of gelatin in vegan-based gummy recipes.

Gummies are created using tapioca syrup, organic cane sugar, pectin, natural flavors and colors, citric acid and tapioca starch as ingredients. Furthermore, they’re infused with broad spectrum CBD hemp extract extracted using an eco-friendly supercritical CO2 process.

Broad spectrum CBD contains all of the cannabinoids and healthy compounds found in hemp plants without THC; providing a full-spectrum effect for pain, anxiety, depression and sleep issues.

Organic Cane Sugar

Organic cane sugar offers a healthy alternative to regular white granulated sugar. While they both have equal caloric intakes, organic cane sugar offers many health advantages thanks to less processing and having a lower glycemic index rating.

Organic cane sugar is grown without synthetic herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers that damage soil health and pollute the environment. Furthermore, this form of sugar production supports vibrant farmer cooperatives and communities.

Gummies made with Organic cane sugar can offer numerous health and wellbeing benefits to you – from relieving anxiety to helping relax muscles. Their organic cane sugar helps your mind relax, as well as promote sleep, relaxation and stress reduction – ultimately contributing to optimal wellbeing in the form of better endocannabinoid functioning in your body.

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Natural Flavors

CBD connects with receptors in your Nervous System to relieve pain by blocking signals from the brain telling you about it. Our CBD gummies feature organic pomegranate juice for extra flavor – guaranteed to satisfy even pickiest eaters!

These vegan CBD gummies are produced without gelatin, which is commonly found in conventional candies, replacing it with pectin, which is derived from plants and contains no animal products – producing delicious yet healthy CBD gummies!

To create the gummies, all that’s necessary is a saucepan, whisk, food-grade silicone molds and the listed ingredients. A funnel or dropper may come in handy to avoid spillages when pouring the gummy mixture into each mold before placing them into the refrigerator to set.