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Can Dogs Have CBD Gummies for Humans

can dogs have CBD gummies for humans

CBD, or cannabidiol, is an all-natural substance which has been proven to provide many physical and psychological health benefits. It may help promote overall wellness and support the natural endocannabinoid system (ECS) which both dogs and humans possess; thus responding positively to CBD. CBD can be found naturally in hemp or cannabis plants as well as commercial pet products like oils or chews made specifically for pets.

Can Dogs Have Human CBD Gummies?

Even though it is technically safe, giving your dog human CBD gummies is not advised due to their being tailored specifically for humans and not designed to meet your pet’s needs. A dose that may be too high could cause adverse reactions in some pets; additionally, some products contain additives not suitable for animals (for instance artificial sweeteners like xylitol can be toxic to pets) so it would be more suitable to buy pet-safe products that have ingredients and concentrations tailored for your animal companions.

Dog CBD gummies are delicious chewable treats specially formulated with ingredients and flavors that most dogs adore, making them an easy solution for older or arthritic pets who struggle to consume hard treats or rawhide snacks. Furthermore, CBD treats may help relieve anxiety in many animals because its natural calming effect helps relax their emotions while relieving anxiety symptoms.

CBD Gummies for Pets Wont Get Them High


CBD does not cause highs, making it an attractive natural alternative to conventional medication that can relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety while decreasing side-effects associated with prescriptions drugs.

CBD works similarly to NSAIDs in relieving pain and inflammation, supporting the body’s natural inflammatory response as it recovers naturally after an injury, as well as providing relief from arthritis by decreasing pain associated with inflammation and stiffness.

Generally Safe

CBD gummies for your dog

CBD supplements for pets are generally safe. Before giving CBD to your dog or other animals, always consult with a veterinarian as any new supplements might have adverse side effects and cause health conditions that need treating, including any that CBD might mask. This is particularly important if they already suffer from health conditions that can be alleviated with CBD supplementation.

Many veterinarians are reluctant to recommend CBD due to either scientific uncertainty or professional repercussions. California recently passed a law permitting vets to discuss its benefits with clients and ask their advice about adding it into your pet’s diet without fear of reporting to state veterinary boards. We suggest starting slowly by giving low doses until reaching the optimal amount based on weight.