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How much CBD should be in cream for pain?

Depending on the product and the manufacturer, different pain creams may contain different amounts of CBD. As little as 2-3% CBD may be present in some creams, while up to 20% may be present in others. Additionally, the needs of the individual and the condition being treated affect the recommended dosage.

Starting with a lower CBD concentration is always recommended, and then gradually increasing it as necessary. Use a cream with 2-5% CBD content, apply it twice daily, and see how it affects you as a general rule of thumb. You can gradually raise the CBD concentration if it is unsuccessful.

Here at Quiet Monk CBD, on each page we list how much CBD you can expect in each gram of cream you apply.

How much cbd cream to use

The dosage of CBD varies depending on the person, the condition being treated, and the product being used. It’s best to speak with a medical expert who is knowledgeable about CBD and can advise you on the right dosage for your particular needs.

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You can find the amount of CBD in each gram on the product pages of each of our products, so you will always know how much to apply. Additionally, it’s crucial to read the label to ensure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. We use olive oils, arnica oils, avocado oils and beeswax in many of our creams and salves.