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Do You Swallow CBD Oil? We Can Explain How To Take It

Do You Swallow CBD Oil

For a quick effect from CBD, take CBD oil by placing it under your tongue. Don’t just put it on your tongue and swallow right away. Instead, put your dose right under your tongue, near your sublingual gland. Keep the CBD oil there for at least 60 seconds.

You might be asking if you should swallow the CBD oil after keeping it under your tongue. The answer is yes! When you keep the oil there, it goes straight into your blood, skipping your digestive system. After waiting enough, you can swallow the CBD oil just like you do when you take it the regular way. And yes, swallowing CBD oil is perfectly safe.

However, make sure the CBD oil you use is of good quality. Specifically, find a CBD oil that comes with a Certificate of Analysis (COA). A COA will:

  • Show which third-party lab tested the product
  • List the cannabinoids in the product and their amounts
  • Point out any bad stuff, like heavy metals, pesticides, or leftover chemicals

Before buying CBD oil, you can check the COA to make sure it matches what’s on the product’s label. If there’s no COA, it’s best to avoid that product because you can’t be sure of its quality or safety.

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Why Take CBD Oil?

Taking CBD oil by mouth or under your tongue can offer many possible health benefits. That’s because CBD works with your body’s system that controls sleep, thinking, hunger, and how you respond physically. When CBD gets into your blood, it may help keep your health and wellness in check by working with this system.

Here’s what CBD oil might help with:

  • Mood: It can help you relax and forget about stress after a tough day.
  • Physical pain: It might lessen pain from exercise or soreness.
  • Inflammation: CBD can help control your body’s defense reactions, easing exercise-related aches.
  • Digestion: It might also reduce stomach inflammation and help your gut.
  • Sleep: Using CBD oil before sleep could help you sleep longer and wake up less during the night. It may also help you feel less restless.

How Much CBD Oil to Take

CBD and MCT oil benefits

When you start with CBD, it’s usually suggested to take about 20 to 40 mg per day. But the right amount depends on your body and what you’re using it for.

To find the best dose for you and avoid taking too much, start slowly. If you don’t notice any effects in the first week, it’s okay to take 5 mg more per week until you feel how you want to.

Different Types of CBD Oil

In the U.S., there are three main types of CBD oil you can safely swallow:

  • Full spectrum CBD oil: This type has all the components of the hemp plant, including a tiny bit of THC (no more than 0.3%). These components work together to possibly enhance CBD’s health benefits.
  • Broad spectrum CBD oil: This is like full spectrum but without THC. It might not be as strong as full spectrum CBD.
  • Isolate CBD oil: This is just pure CBD. All other hemp plant parts are removed. It’s great for those who want to take larger amounts of CBD throughout the day.
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Finding High-Quality CBD Oil

So, can you swallow CBD oil? Yes, it’s safe to do so when you take it orally or under your tongue—just remember to let it sit under your tongue for a minute before swallowing.