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How Cannabis and Fitness Are Working Together

exercise and cannabis

The University of Colorado Boulder research found that more than 82% of people who use cannabis do so around the time they work out. They say it makes their exercise time more fun and helps them bounce back quicker.

Here’s What the Study Found…

In this study, about 67% of people like using cannabis both before and after working out. A smaller group, around 14.5%, only use it after, and a tiny 1.5% only before. Most folks who use cannabis around their workout times do it both before and after.

Other research tells us that cannabis is the number two substance athletes pick after alcohol.

For instance, back in 2012, 23% of college athletes were using cannabis. This was before it became legal for adults to use in many places.

A big survey with 600 cannabis users from places like Colorado and California asked them about their cannabis use related to exercise. They shared when they used it, how it changed their workouts, and what they thought about its effect on motivation.

Many Professional Athletes and MMA fighters Use For Muscle Recovery.

Athletes are using Cannabis/CBD, or cannabidiol, more and more these days. This might be because sports groups and international sports authorities have stopped banning it. Since CBD is legal now, there’s more of it being made and sold, which might make more athletes try it. This boom in CBD sales has sparked a lot of research into what CBD does, how it can help or harm athletes, and how it affects their health and performance.

Even though studies suggest CBD could help with anxiety, depression, inflammation, and act as an antioxidant, we’re still not completely sure about it. The research isn’t totally clear or finished. We don’t fully understand yet how CBD works in the body to affect sports performance, and there’s a lot more we need to learn.

80% Use Cannabis Within an Hour

Over 80% said they used cannabis/CBD within an hour before starting to exercise. The survey found more people smoked cannabis after working out than before starting. Many said it made them feel more motivated to exercise and enjoy it more. Those who used cannabis around their workout times reported getting more exercise each week than those who didn’t.

Studies also suggest cannabis might actually boost motivation and enjoyment during exercise by activating certain brain areas related to reward and dealing with pain.

Using Cannabis Before Workouts To Relax the Body

Stretching well is key before exercising. Cannabis might help here by relaxing the body and muscles, making stretching easier.

Stretching relaxes the psoas muscles, which get tight from sitting too long. Cannabis, in the right amount, can also make you release dopamine and block pain signals, which helps with stretching, Merry Jane explains.

Cannabis might also help with breathing easier during workouts by making your blood vessels wider, leading to a slight increase in heart rate. This is good for taking in more oxygen and improving blood flow, which can boost workout performance. Many will use a CBD roll on that they can throw in their gym bag.

Cannabis can also make you hungrier. This happens because THC stops the body from making leptin, a hormone that keeps you from feeling hungry. Eating well is important for building muscle and improving blood flow.

Ease Soreness By Using Cannabis After Working Out

Cannabis can ease the soreness and pain you feel after working out, according to Calyx Wellness, a CBD shop in Canada. CBD helps with inflammation and pain, making recovery faster and less painful.

Cannabis works by blocking certain signals in your nerves that can cause pain and inflammation, research says.

It also helps with resting well after working out and boosts your appetite again. Eating well after exercise can help you keep the gains you made and recover quicker.

Herb, another cannabis resource, says that cannabis doesn’t lower testosterone levels, which is good for muscle growth. In fact, it might increase certain growth and stress hormones that help with muscle building and recovery, without going over normal levels.

High THC Cannabis – Use Caution

Cannabis is usually more popular after workouts because high THC cannabis can make your heart rate go up too much and mess with your movement and balance, says the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Using cannabis after exercise might be safer, as THC and CBD can help with inflammation and pain.

Still, there’s a lot we don’t fully understand about how cannabis affects health. Some studies say it’s good for things like mental health and pain relief, while others point out risks like affecting your thinking and heart.

But it’s clear that cannabis has a big part in fitness, making workouts possibly more effective whether used before or after. Still, it’s important to watch the amount, especially with strong THC strains before a tough workout.

There are many ways to include cannabis in your fitness routine, like hemp creams for sore muscles or bath bombs for recovery. Trying cannabis with exercise might bring many benefits.