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Clinical Trials on CBD for Pain Management

CBD clinical studies

CBD is a naturally occurring non-psychotropic constituent extracted from the Cannabis plant. Its potential therapeutic benefits have been proven by many users, with pain relief being one of the benefits. However when it comes to science and medicine we need actual hard proof. There are some clinical trials happening to ascertain the abilities of CBD in managing pain and we will explore them in this article.

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Discover the Magic of CBD Oil for Soothing Chronic Pain!

CBD oil bottle as a magician

Unlock the potential of CBD oil for chronic pain relief! Are you tired of dealing with constant discomfort? CBD oil may be the solution you’ve been seeking. With its natural properties, CBD oil has been gaining attention for its potential to alleviate chronic pain. Join me as we explore the power of CBD oil and how it can provide much-needed relief for those struggling with persistent pain.

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CBD Salves: Your New Pain-Relief Sidekick!

monk giant cbd salve container as sidekick

Discover the Benefits of CBD Salves for Chronic Pain Relief

Are you searching for a natural remedy to alleviate chronic pain? CBD salve could be the solution you’ve been seeking. These topical treatments offer a potential alternative to traditional pain management methods. By harnessing the therapeutic properties of CBD, individuals with chronic pain conditions may find relief without the unwanted side effects often associated with pharmaceuticals. Let’s delve into the ways in which CBD salves can provide targeted and effective pain relief for those enduring chronic discomfort.

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How Effective is CBD Oil for Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Does CBD relieve arthritis symptoms? Animal studies have suggested that CBD has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, but quality human studies have not been measured yet. Anecdotally, some arthritis sufferers who have tried CBD report measurable pain relief, improved sleep, and/or decreased anxiety. On the other hand, some people who take CBD for arthritis do not experience any symptom improvements.

Quiet Monk CBD
Me and my Pop. We are in a doctors waiting room

My Fathers RH Story:

My father who was a Vietnam Veteran and had Debilitating RH, so much it deformed his hands and feet. He would use the 5000mg cooling cream I created and keep it by his bed at night since often times he would wake up with terrible muscle cramps in his legs.

He would use the 2000mg CBD oil on his hands and feet or he would use the 10,000mg cream. We could not get him to take the CBD oil orally. He was just dead set against it. Anything to do with marijuana he wanted nothing to do it, even though I promised him it would not get him high or buzzed since this was from the hemp plant and not the marijuana plant. So I do not have any first hand experience to share with my customers about taking it orally.

Now this did not cure his RH but it did help lessen the pain he was experiencing. It actually made his last few years that much more comfortable even though the RH was still ravaging his body.

Should You Try CBD?

There is ongoing research to determine the safety of CBD. Currently, very little is known about CBD use by arthritis sufferers. Moderate doses have not been linked to any significant safety issues to date. Some medications that people with arthritis frequently take may interact with CBD, according to some researchers so always check with your medical doctor before using any dietary supplement.

If you would like to try some CBD then I recommend you try the one my pop used.

The 5000mg cooling cbd cream

5000mg CBD cream

If you don’t like menthol or a cooling sensation then try the 10,000mg cream.

10,000 mg Unscented CBD Cream

10,000mg cbd pain cream