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CBD’s Soothing Embrace

Let this poem take you on a journey of emotional release, and find comfort in CBD’s loving embrace.

feel good with cbd

CBD, oh sweet CBD, how you calm the troubled mind, And ease the weight of worry, that we all sometimes find. Anxiety and stress, like thunder in the brain, Can strike without warning, causing fear and pain.

But fear not, my friend, for CBD is here to stay, A natural remedy, that can chase those fears away. It works in wondrous ways, on the body and the mind, By soothing the nervous system, and leaving worries behind.

CBD interacts with receptors, found throughout the brain, And calms the fight or flight response, that causes so much strain. It boosts the levels of serotonin, the feel-good chemical, And helps to regulate mood, making us feel more typical.

In moments of panic, or times of deep despair, CBD can bring a sense of calm, that seems so rare. It can ease the racing heartbeat, and calm the shaking hand, And give us the strength we need, to make a stronger stand.

Oh, CBD, you are a gift, a blessing from above, A natural cure for anxiety, a soothing balm of love. So if stress and worry plague you, and make you feel alone, Remember that CBD is there, to help you find your home.

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